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Les Folies de la Fille Framboise - Atelier de Création sur Mesure : Corsets, Serre-Tailles, Jupes et Jupons pour le Mariage ou pour la Fête.

Framboise Story

Framboise Story

After crossing the world of fashion, Framboise decides to grow up by herself. Now she makes Corsets, skirts and petticoats,which are for her the smoother side of feminity.

From drawing character sketch to technical patterns, the corset hatches.

Far from fashion dictacts, the Corset past across the century .

Decried as a torture device, it is today a symbol of feminity’s freedom,without constraint or torture,fortunately. Now it beautifies the natural women to become a one day Diva…

Yes, every women can be even more feminine if she feels like…

And then, the corset becomes a magical accessory.

Framboise’s design likes structured shapes and good grade materials.

Excessive feminity, refinement and seduction, fineness of accessories…

Sober but not too much, keeping a feminity touch. No “carnaval” look, corsets, skirts and petticoats are designed especially for You, to feet on your body, the colour you wish for your specials events .

Silk thread assembly together, cut draperies, sewn with passion…

Hapiness to create for women because she worth it…

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Today: Oct 23, 2016

Customize !!

FRAMBOISE allows you to create an unique wedding dress.
100% French manufacture,each models are cherished in the studio of Framboise.

The underbust is from 40 .
The corset is from 149 .
The skirt, including petticoats, is from 395 .
The right price for a  made to measure garment !
Your marriage dress is composed with a corset and a petticoated skirt from 544 .
A sheath dress with volume may have a lower cost: € 295.
Made of with grade fabric, with finishes of your theme, color personalized
your dress will be unique.

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